How To Get Your Link to Google Reviews

Sending customers your Google review link increases the success of your customer feedback outreach!

A link to Google reviews makes it easy for users to leave you a star rating for your business so they don’t have to search for you. There are a few ways to find your link to Google reviews, but once you have it saved, you can use the same link on any channel. Google also provides resources to help you promote your Google Business Profile review link offline with printable posters and stickers. Follow the steps below to learn how to get your Google Review link for your business.

1. Log into your Google Business Profile

Your Google My Business profile will be connected to your G-Mail or Google suite email. That will be the e-mail you need to sign in with.

2. Click on "See Your Profile"

If you have multiple businesses click on the business you are trying to generate the review link for.

3. Click on "Ask For Reviews"

Find the review button in the bottom right corner. On some screen the buttons may be in different order.

4. Copy Your Business Review Link

Copy your review link and store it somewhere you have easy access to like a notepad on your phone or desktop.

You can also find Google review link generators online that allow you to search your business and build a link, but it’s no simpler than just grabbing the link to Google reviews directly. If you have any questions or need any assistance please reach out to one of our Pros and we would be happy to help you.